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This time we invite everyone to tech-hub KL10CH in the center of Moscow, where we will deep dive into science, medicine, innovations and business in personalized medicine. As always in our program, you may expect cutting-edge scientific reports from leading professionals, teamwork, round tables, debates on commercialization in science, master classes of popular science and more.

Everyone has heard about the novel health care concept, P4 medicine, which is based on four principles: Personalized, Predictive, Preventive, and Participatory. But what does it exactly mean in practice? Our fifth Winter School is focused on just this topic.
Welcome to “Modern Biology and Future Biotechnology”! 

14–18 February 2017

Beyond our core program, our School will organize a variety of evening events: round tables, communication sections, discussions in the bar and popular science master classes.

Please do not leave early and join our evening program, we will watch movies, socialize and learn more about the interaction of art and science. And there will be a closing party on the last night.


On the scientific track we invite leading scientists whose research forms the foundation of personalized medicine.


Medicine track is devoted to the early experience of P4 medicine clinical application.

During the business track you will meet young companies and pharma giants working in personalized medical examination and treatment. Venture funds will help you understand where to get support for your development in personalized treatment and diagnostics.



Effective translation and interaction between science and business cannot happen without funds, development institutions, scientific and educational measures and other important elements of innovation infrastructure.



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60 applicants, who pass our strict selection, will get full refund of the registration fee, accommodation (for non-Moscow residents) and meals.

We invite everyone who is interested in biology, biotechnology and biomedicine – from the perspective of both science and commercialization.

Registration is closed



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